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Organic Margarita 2 Pack (8 Cans)

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m-606-1249-9899222 | Organic Margarita 2 Pack (8 Cans)

First ever USDA Certified Organic Canned Margarita

Made with 100% Organic Premium Tequila and 

90 Calories, Zero Grams of Sugar, <1g of Carbs

4.5% ABV

Gluten Free, Vegan-Friendly, and only uses natural flavors

“The Avana Margarita holds a nutritional panel that has never been seen before in the cocktail industry. Low in sugar, carbs, and calories, on top of being the first ever canned Margarita to be USDA Certified Organic. Handcrafted from the volcanic mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, made with only the highest, premium grade organic ingredients.”

Out of stock
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